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Tortit Chocolate Snack

by Elite
The Tortit is an Israeli snack, born in 1975, in the mythical chocolate factory in Ramat Gan and has existed for almost 42 years. The name ‘Tortit’, is named after the torte cake, which is characterized by layers and almond cream that also characterize the tortit waffle. A snack retains for many years the second place in the chocolate snack segment, after the "Taami" snack. The snack is made of chocolate-coated waffle and contains rum flavored almond cream.


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Containing: Wheat Gluten, Soya, Almonds

May Contain: Hazelnut, Walnuts, Pecans, Eggs, Barlet Gluten, Sesame, Milk, Rye Gluten.

Under the Supervision of Badatz Haeda Haharedit

Product is Parve