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Multi-Active Night Cream with Hyaluronic acid and Caviar Extract / 50ml

Chronological age, sunlight, air pollution, stress, smoking, poor diet, lack of sleep and hormonal changes cause expression wrinkles, fine lines and inflexibility. Tonight is the optimal time to repair the damage that has been done during the day. A powerful anti-ageing treatment that fights the signs of ageing. A night cream that complements a day cream that nourishes and smoothes the skin, contains high-concentration vitamin E pills that dissolve in contact with the skin, in combination with vitamin C, which is known as powerful antioxidants. Careful selection of active ingredients with the ability to penetrate to treat any of the causes of skin ageing. Hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin which are the natural fillers of the skin that give it its smooth and firm texture. The cream is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, caviar extract, pearl extract, aloe vera, olive oil, chamomile, shea butter, avocado oil and pomegranate extract. With regular use, a significant benefit will be felt in the skin texture that becomes firm, nourished, supple and radiant. Good for all skin types.