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Mekopelet Chocolate Snack

by Elite

The uniqueness of Mekopelet in texture and its non-standard shape, which looks like chocolate folds. The texture, which crumbles during eating, when the crumbs are concentrated in the packaging base, led to the creation of a consumer-based advertising concept: Whoever eats Mekopelet, must eat all the crumbs left in the bag. The secret of Mekopelet production is kept to this day, and the special recipe of folded and its production process is a trade secret. The snack is manufactured in a special wing at the Elite factory in Nazareth and can only be entered by employees with special permission.

Allergens: Milk

Kosher Under the Supervision of Badatz Haeda Haharedit

Weight: 25g

Product is Diary


The Exact data appears in Hebrew on the product, do not rely on the details on the site, there may be errors or discrepancies, please read on the product packaging before use. If there is a concern about sensitivity and allergies please avoid consuming the product