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100% Dates Honey Squeeze-Bottle 380g


Many people think that Seelan is a type of jam, but in fact, it is a juice produced by boiling the dates and juicing them. It has a liquid texture reminiscent of honey - but it tastes different. The Seelan reached our regions from Libya and Iraq, where the Jews used to make charoset from the Seelan for Passover. The preparation carried out uniquely, in which workers with large mobile juicers were specially trained for the holiday, used to move between the houses and squeeze dates for the eve of the holiday.

Dates have great sweetness and used as a natural and recommended substitute for sugar. They abound in important health values ​​like minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibre that aid in the body’s proper digestive process and bring about a feeling of satiety.


- Net Weight: 380g