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We at the IEM the premier gateway for business with Israeli companies, focus to support local businesses and to create a unique relationship between businesses and consumers in the global era. As we thrive to provide an unparalleled and more accessible shopping experience, we gathered high quality boutique and unreachable local produce from around the valleys and hills in the land of Israel.
Due to the diversity of the land and climate across the country, agriculture is a highly developed industry in Israel, both in produce and technologies. Israel, in its whole 22,145 km² is one of the world's leading fresh fruits producers and exporters, including citrus, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and the pomelit, a hybrid of a grapefruit and a pomelo, developed in Israel.
The excellent produce leads the Israeli industry to create premium products in all fields: Wine & Beverages, Dates & Bee’s Honey, Spices & Herbs, Halva, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tahini, Chickpeas, Tea, Flours and more.
Olive Oil
Around a different regions, Israeli cold pressed oil mills called “Beit Bhad” are producing quality extra virgin olive oil. The main qualities stem for the fact that The Olive Tree is originated in the Middle East, in the Land of Israel and its environs, where it was cultivated about 7,000 years ago.Today the olive tree is especially common in plantations in Greece, Italy and Spain that are considered the largest olive oil producers in the world. The olive is one of the seven species in which the Land of Israel was praised. The olive tree can reach a very old age of over 1,000 years, sometimes even about 2,000 years. There are several dozen very ancient olive trees in the Land of Israel. In similarity the land of Israel described in the bible: ”a land of wheat and barley, vines and figs and pomegranates, a land of oil producing olives and honey” [book of “devarim” chapter 8]: TahiniIn the past, tahini was mostly common on the tables of Arabs, Jews from the old settlement and immigrants from Middle Eastern countries. Committee of Experts No. 554902 at the Israeli Standards Institute is dedicated to tahini issues, and it has issued Standard No. 642: "Tahini from Sesame Seeds". Among the members of the committee are representatives of the National Food Service, An Israeli standard has been established that guarantees product quality. Another wonder of the world is without a doubt The Dead Sea, which located in the area of ​​the Syrian-African rift where the border between Israel and Jordan crosses. The Dead Sea is a terminal salt lake containing 26 essential minerals. A dozen of them do not exist in any sea or other ocean in the world. Seawater has a high concentration of magnesium and calcium known for their vital contribution to the human body as well as a high concentration of healthy salts known for their healing and nurturing ability, which provides a main ingredient for the Cosmetics Industry.
In IEM we provide worldwide delivery of fresh sterile ingredients from the world famous “Mahane Yehuda” Market in Jerusalem and other local suppliers, All products are stored in controlled environment from the manufacturer to your door, in purpose to provide you the best experience possible.
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