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What About: Bissli

What About: Bissli

Bissli is an Israeli wheat snack produced by Osem. It is Osem's best-selling snack brand after Bamba. In the global market, there are many brands of potato chips and chocolate bars which are seen and available everywhere. However, some snacks still retain their country of origin, including Bissli.

It is a healthy snack as compared to potato snacks because it is low in calories and fats. Equally popular among kids and elders due to its unique taste. Invented in 1975 and is now among the popular snacks of Israel.  It is free from preservatives and coloring, which makes it stand out. Available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavors.

In this article, we will discuss the history, different flavors, making process, and the end will discuss an online marketplace to buy an Israeli favorite pasta snack- Bissli. Let's get started.

About Bissli snack

Bissli is a crunchy Israeli snack made from fried pasta. The name is a combination of the Hebrew word Bis (meaning "bite") and the Hebrew word li (meaning "for me"). It is the second most selling snack by Osem.

Osem was founded in 1942 and is now the largest Israel food products company. In 1995, this long-established company made an important decision to establish an international partnership with Nestlé Foods, marking a turning point in its history and providing new strategic tools for its growth and development. Bamba and Bissli are their top-selling products in Israel.

According to Osem,​​ they manufacture 4,000 tons of Bissli snack every year and provide consumers with unique shapes and flavors of Bissli.

Consumers can find eight flavors of products on grocery store shelves, six of which represent Osem's standard flavors and two annual special flavors. Typical flavors include Bissli BBQ, onion, pizza, grill, smoky, and falafel. The special edition introduces flavors that fit Israeli psychology, such as shawarma and some non-pepperoni (all Bissli are Kosher snacks).

History of Bissli snack

Efraim Sa'adon, the inventor of the Israeli Bissli snack, has passed away at the age of 93. According to a report in Haaretz, he revealed that he was the inventor of Osem's popular Bissli snack.

After being sent to a Libyan concentration camp occupied by German troops during World War II, Sa'adon arrived in Israel in 1949. Osem hired him to operate Italian-made machines. At that time, the company was making pasta. In 1975, Osem purchased a machine that was not suitable for production lines.

Suddenly Sa'adon got an idea to add some pasta and try something new. He couldn't eat it at first, but everyone knew it had potential. Spices, seasonings, and salt did the rest, creating one of the most famous Jewish snacks in the world.

Sa'adon's favorite is not for sale. He would take unseasoned Bissli from the production line and coated them with sugar.

Ingredients used in making Bissli

Bissli snack is made with very healthy ingredients. It is free from preservatives and colors, but contains soy and wheat allergens. If you are allergic to these products, avoid them and consult your doctor first to avoid any unexpected situation.

Following are the ingredients used in making Bissli:

Bissli Ingredients

How is Bissli manufactured?

Bissli is a crunchy snack made from fried pasta and the making process is quite easy. More than 4,000 tons of Osem Bissli of various shapes and flavors are produced every year.

Following is the process of making Bissli:

  • Use the wheat to make some pasta and give it the right shape.
  • The pasta is then transferred to the factory in a process called the "Ishazu process." It is a secret process involving a lot of frying in oil.
  • The snacks are then mixed with spices, from which they proceed to the packaging room, where the machine waits for them to be placed in the bag.

Different flavors of Bissli

Bissli is a crispy snack of Israel that resembles pasta. The manufacturer Osem used its experience in making pasta to create these delicious treats for the snack market in the 1970s.

Osem offers several flavors, which are very popular among snack lovers. Snack beginners are usually put off by the brown color of these bite-sized pasta snacks. However, the Israelis who grew up in these delicacies have no problems, and they like to use Bissli as a crispy schnitzel coating.

There are six flavors of Osem Bissli snack, and each one comes in a different shape. Let’s discuss each flavor:

The Bissli series now have six delicious flavors and two special editions:

Bissli Grill

It is one of the popular flavors in the range. It comes in small hollow tubes.


Bissli Onion

This kind of Bissli is onion-flavored and is shaped like small hoops.

Bissli Pizza

Taste like typical pizza and square-shaped snack is like by many people around the world.

Bissli Falafel

This type of Bissli taste like Traditional Falafel and are shaped long tubes.

Bissli BBQ

This type of Bissli is also very popular and comes in a spiral shape.

Special flavors: Osem releases several special Bissli flavors that include shawarma and some non-pepperoni flavors.

These six Bissli snack flavors are liked by people all around the world, especially in Israel. Next time when you visit the store, chose the flavor which you like the most.

Nutritional value of Bissli

Nutritional value helps you find if the product is healthy or not. This section will you know the nutritional value of Bissli.

Bissli Nutritional Value

Why do Israeli people prefer Bissli over potato snacks?

Israel is the only country with this kind of snack product that is leading the market not only domestically but also in the international market. The logic behind the apparent failure of the potato chips has nothing to do with regional preferences and may be related to the historical development of Bissli.

Potatoes are not as easy to buy here as they are now. Bissli's staple ingredients are corn and wheat, which are easy to grow in the country, making snacks more accessible. After all, color, size, shape, and manufacturing techniques cannot explain why Israelis eat Bissli. So, availability of manufacturing ingredients is the only reason behind the preference of Bissli over Potato snacks.

Is Bissli Kosher for Passover?

The approach of spring means one thing for the Jews: the feast of the Passover. Passover holiday is favorite Jewish holiday. It is because it means spending some crazy time with your family between two dinners.

Bissli snack is crunchy, delicious, and flavorful. Bissli is on sale all year round, but Osem offers a version of Kosher for Passover on the Passover holiday. Kosher for Passover Bissli is probably the best version of regular food. Under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union, it has obtained Kosher snack certification for Passover.

Where to buy Bissli in Montreal?

The popularity of Osem's Bissli has reached around the globe, especially in Montreal. Are you living in Montreal and struggling to find different flavors of Bissli? Then you have come to the right place.

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Bissli is a delicious and crunchy Israeli wheat snack made by Nestlé's sister company Osem. Bissli is the best snack after Bamba. Bissli is arguably one of Israel's most popular and sold snacks, with ubiquitous numbers and slogans. If you have never tried Bissli before, buy one and join the party.

Next time when buying snacks for your night carvings, buy Israeli Food Product Bissli snacks. It comes in various flavors, including barbecue, smoky, onion, pizza, mix, and many other.

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